Bill Douglas -《日出永恒》(Eternity's Sunrise)[MP3!]

Bill Douglas -《日出永恒》(Eternity's Sunrise)[MP3!]
  • 片  名  Bill Douglas -《日出永恒》(Eternity's Sunrise)[MP3!]
  • 简  介  发行时间: 2000年08月22日
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  • 详细介绍专辑中文名: 日出永恒专辑英文名: Eternity s Sunrise艺术家: Bill Douglas资源格式: MP3发行时间: 2000年08月22日地区: 美国简介:
    Bill Douglas(比尔.道格拉斯)的专辑《Eternity s_Sunrise》(日出永恒)运用了和声和特有的乐器组合,来展现一种比宁静更为深沉的境界:凝静。那就是在安静的意念中,用和声来营造你内心的安静祥和,而用乐器更添一份越深的推波助澜的作用。对于Bill Douglas,真的不由感叹和佩服,他把人类的和声运用得出神入化,既可以如同Vangelis般的雄伟壮阔,而感觉到如同太阳刺穿乌云般的凝固和有力,也可以如同Gregorian般的平缓而流畅,更添加他特有的如同诗人般的优雅和文学艺术,绝对的高贵气质和如同丝绸般的笼罩在我们的心上,柔柔的,滑滑的舒服和享用!
    Bill Douglas has spent much of his career playing with Richard Stolzman, especially during the crossover years that spawned albums such as Begin Sweet World. Douglas composed much of that material, and he brings the same crossover idea to his solo recordings. Eternity s Sunrise, a collection of music from his seven recordings on the Hearts of Space label, showcases a quasiclassical sound that borrows from world music and New Age influences with overtones of spirituality and sentimentality--especially sentimentality. Primarily a bassoonist, Douglas also plays extensive keyboards on his solo albums, accompanied by the Ars Nova singers and a smattering of classical instrumentalists. Douglas s choral compositions are featured heavily on Eternity s Sunrise in settings of poems by William Blake and Robert Burns. These are lugubrious affairs that might be solemn if their close harmonies weren t so smothering. Douglas is shown to better effect on tracks like Farther than the Stars, with its Celtic affectations, and Karuna, which laces keyboard orchestrations around an Indian mode. Douglas has a pleasant melodiousness that occasionally prevails over maudlin arrangements. --John Diliberto(
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