《Visual Jockey专业软件ArKaos VJ》3.5 FC 1

《Visual Jockey专业软件ArKaos VJ》3.5 FC 1
  • 片  名  《Visual Jockey专业软件ArKaos VJ》3.5 FC 1
  • 简  介  发行时间: 2005年07月14日制作发行: ArKaos
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  • 详细介绍中文名: Visual Jockey专业软件ArKaos VJ版本: 3.5 FC 1发行时间: 2005年07月14日制作发行: ArKaos地区: 比利时简介:
    [已通过安全检测]Norton AntiVirus 2005 病毒库:2006.6.14
    共享服务器:DonkeyServer No2
    在前两个软件发布完之后(Resolume和motion dive),目前Visual Jockey较常用的也是较为出名的三个软件就剩下这个ArKaos了,相比较而言,ArKaos除了包含了Resolume在效果运用方面的优点以外,在不外接控制器的情况下,也是对于一般民用用户而言操作最为方便的一个,键盘的快捷操作可以随意设置,而且对于MIDI设备的支持在3.5以后兼容性非常好
    Main ArKaos VJ features
    * More than 60 totally customizable effects
    * Support for additional FreeFrame effects (comes with 42 effects pre-loaded)
    * Allows any MIDI keyboard or device to control images, movies and effects
    * Supports still images, video loops and flash animations
    * Support for full video streaming of camera (USB, FireWire…)
    * Enables full-screen usage for events, e.g. concerts, presentations
    * Built-in recorder to create visual remixes
    * Direct DV output through FireWire
    * Multiple keyboard mapping to trigger images and effects
    * Powerful automatic beat-matching technology
    * Unlimited number of simultaneous video layers, sophisticated Transfer modes
    * MIDI latch on/off for live performances
    * Remote Patch selection
    * Automatic Fade option
    * DMX Fixture mode (DMX version only)
    * High optimization for fast frame rate
    * Engine integrable with any MIDI sequencer (OMS, ReWire, ...)
    * Advanced Movie Loop Control to change the way a movie is played, enabling:
    o Movie synchronization to BPM
    o Forward / backward playback with constant or MIDI-controlled speed or through BPM sync
    o Selection of a loop within the movie
    o Definition of the looping zone using MIDI controllers
    o Two different random looping modes: with or without BPM sync
    * Video For Windows DirectShow support on the PC s: .avi -including DivX- .mpg .mpeg .asf and .wmv files
    * Overlay display support on the PC s: with two monitors, you can switch to another application without shutting down ArKaos full screen mode
    New features in ArKaos VJ 3.5.1
    * New Hardware Accelerated video engine (HW Mode)
    o 4 New effects
    o 8 Original effects updated to benefit from the hardware acceleration
    o Core Image support (Mac OS X 10.4 and above only)
    o Improved per-layer control in Fixture Control Mode (DMX version only)
    * Bug fixes
    system requirements
    * OS: Windows™ 98 SE / Me / 2000 or XP
    * Processor: Pentium™ III 500 Mhz; Pentium™ IV 1.2 Ghz recommended
    * RAM: 256MB; 512MB recommended
    * Media players:
    o QuickTime™ 6.5.x or more (to play / export .mov files)
    o Windows Media Player™ 9 or more (to play .wma / export .wmv files)
    o Macromedia Flash player 7 or more (to play .swf files)
    * Other: Direct X™ 9.0c or more (to play / export .mpg .mpeg .asf .wmv files / camera support)
    引用P.S. FAQ 什么是Visual Jockey(aka VJ)?
    近年来一些大型的PARTY中,VJ这名词经常可见,但这里指的VJ并非大家熟知的音乐频道主持人,VJ指的是 Visual Jockey(影像骑师),简单来说,就是负责提供Party影像的人,DJ提供音乐;VJ提供影像。如Fatboy Slim的Brighton Beach现场邀请MV导演Tim Fleming担任VJ;Underworld与Tomato的合作等等,都显示出未来Party的新趋势---音乐与视觉的结合。VJ
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