《3DS Max 8.0 SP2 简体中文免安装版》(3DS Max8chs SP2)8.0简体中文免安装版

《3DS Max 8.0 SP2 简体中文免安装版》(3DS Max8chs SP2)8.0简体中文免安装版
  • 片  名  《3DS Max 8.0 SP2 简体中文免安装版》(3DS Max8chs SP2)8.0简体中文免安装版
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  • 详细介绍中文名: 3DS Max 8.0 SP2 简体中文免安装版英文名: 3DS Max8chs SP2版本: 8.0简体中文免安装版简介:
    [已通过安全检测] 卡巴斯基反病毒6.0个人版 病毒库:2006-09-18
    [已通过安装测试]windows xp sp2
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    Autodesk 3ds Max 8 software 3,495.
    3ds Max 7 到 3ds Max 8 升级版 US 795.
      Autodesk官方网站近日消息:Autodesk公司正式发布3ds max 8,这个专业3D软件的新版本更够帮助游戏开发者、特效艺术家和设计者实现他们的想法。新版本包含很多最新特性,例如高级的角色工具、脚本特性和资源管理工具等。
      3ds max 8强大的最新工具和改进的特性包括:Maxscript Debugger(3ds max脚本调试器),当创建和测试自定义的脚本时可以节省数小时的时间;支持Microsoft DirectX(微软DX驱动程序),使游戏开发者可以在3ds max中为整个游戏直接创建实时的场景shaders;UV Pelt Mapping(UV贴图工具),提供一种高级的方式来基于给定的几何表面的UV坐标快速地生成精确的贴图;Autodesk Vault,一种信息管理方法,已经为数千Autodesk用户使用,还有一种高级的角色开发特性可以简化复杂的搭建和动画。
      3ds max 8将在SIGGRAPH 2005盛会第1700号展厅首次亮相。Autodesk 3ds max 8售价为3495美圆,从3ds max 7升级到3ds max 8需要795美圆。
    Create your own reality.
    Image courtesy of Funcom
    Manage challenging creative projects. Achieve better results in less time. Autodesk® 3ds Max® 8 software delivers flexible, state-of-the-art, productive tools designed for 3D artists in many industries—game development, design visualization, and visual effects.
    Expanding an already robust toolset, 3ds Max 8 provides new and enhanced functionality in areas of character development, asset management, and scripting tools.
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    Mix, edit, and transition motions from any 3ds Max animation. Import standard motion capture formats directly to your character rig. Use our new open file format based on XML to write motion files from custom tools and bring them into 3ds Max. Develop photorealistic characters with our improved character development features, cloth and hair simulation tools, award-winning Reactor® physics system, and particle flow.
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    Extensive, industry-best polygon tools for low- or high-resolution modeling. New, superior polygon modeling tools accelerate the process of adding detail to geometry. Use our fast, unique Edit Poly approach to create everything from simple to complex models.
    UV Mapping Tools
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    Control unfolding of UV seams with pelt mapping. Create a flat, unified map for texturing your objects by stretching out UVW coordinates. Relax UVs and remove distortion by accurately matching UVs to object geometry. Save tremendous amounts of time and hours of work since seams are exactly where they should be and rarely—if ever—need adjusting afterwards.
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    Skin anything from low polygon, high-quality game meshes to the most dense of visual effects models. Vertices are now assigned to a bone by default to prevent unwanted stretching and minimize the need to edit envelopes.
    Maxscript Scripting Language
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    Build solid Maxscripts in less time with our new Maxscript debugger. Add custom functionality into tools with full control over the user interface. Use this object-oriented scripting language to create scripts to extend your 3ds Max toolset, or to optimize your workflow throughout your pipeline.
    Customer Showcase
    Check out our customers’ amazing work in the 3ds Max showcase
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