《Router OS软路由》(Router OS)5.0RC11[压缩包]

《Router OS软路由》(Router OS)5.0RC11[压缩包]
  • 片  名  《Router OS软路由》(Router OS)5.0RC11[压缩包]
  • 简  介  发行时间: 2011年3月4日语言: 英文
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  • 详细介绍简介: 本资料为从官网下的BT文件下载,因为不太好下,所以下载完成后直接压缩发上来,方便大家使用。
    What's new in 5.0rc11 (2011-Mar-04 14:29):
    *) led trigger - changed blinking for modem signal and interface monitoring;
    *) ppp - added ability to specify data-channel for ppp server interfaces;
    *) ipsec - added more Diffie-Hellman groups;
    *) console - fixed a memory leak;
    *) console - don't recreate default '/system console' entry for the serial
    port if it is removed;
    *) netinstall - fixed CD-ROM usb install;
    *) wireless nv2 - fixed RB532 freeze;
    *) wireless - fixed station-bridge mode;
    *) wireless - added station-bridge support for 802.11 and nstreme;
    *) gps - show higher precision coordinates;
    *) snmp - added OIDs for kvm and metarouter;
    *) usermanager - works again and to make user profile active after signup,
    please recreate relevant user profiles;
    What's new in 5.0rc10 (2011-Feb-17 14:06):
    *) routing - fixed ipv6 connected routes,
    IPv6 connected routes disappeared after interface restart;
    *) routing - fixed high CPU usage when adding BGP ipv6 routes;
    *) winbox - fixed opening terminal window to KVM instance;
    *) winbox - fixed connect button in wireless scan;
    *) winbox - fixed make-binding in hotspot hosts;
    *) ipsec - fix possible crash when ipv6 is enabled;
    *) snmp - add usb power reset (see updated MIB);
    What's new in 5.0rc9 (2011-Feb-09 13:57):
    *) wireless - fixed disconnect problem on long distance
    802.11 40MHz links;
    *) wireless nv2 - fixed station mode that broke when station-bridge
    was introduced
    *) wireless - more improvements for 11n compatibility;
    *) routing - fixed problem with best route selection, sometimes inferior route
    could get selected as the active, problem was introduced in 5.0rc8;
    *) kvm - fix guest starting;
    What's new in 5.0rc8 (2011-Feb-01 14:03):
    *) added led trigger - change leds on different events;
    *) snmp - restored access to routing tables;
    *) snmp - fixed memory leak for OID;
    *) ipsec - added ipv6 support;
    *) removed broadcast setting from ip address;
    *) radv - fixed problem when wrong link local address was used
    to send advertisements on bridge interface;
    *) ppp - make IPv6 work again (introduced in v5.0rc7);
    *) ppp - fixed problem when user re-authenticated and traffic accounting
    included data from previous session;
    *) fixed traffic-flow on x86-smp (could stop sending flows);
    *) improved usb modem mode switching;
    *) kvm - fixed problem when sometimes virtualization detection fails;
    *) routing - route with recursive gateway sometimes was not selected as
    active, if another inferior route with directly reachable gateway
    was present;
    *) bgp - removed interface property from bgp peer configuration, now
    ipv6 link local remote address must be specified using the
    address%interface notation;
    *) added extended ethernet statistics (/interface ethernet print stats) for RB800,RB1000,RB1100 and RB7xx with AR7241 or newer cpu;
    *) wireless - improved 11n compatibility;
    *) wireless nv2 - added support for station-bridge mode;
    *) wireless nv2 - added area support;
    *) wireless - added ability to set registration-table comment using RADIUS
    *) implemented usb power-reset command on RB SXT 5HnD;
    What's new in 5.0rc7 (2010-Dec-29 10:39):
    *) fixed hotspot;
    *) tftp - fixed problem when nobody could
    connect if no ip-address were provided;
    *) winbox - fixed mac ping from neighbor list;
    *) fixed simple queues on little endian cpus;
    *) fixed simple queues without provided dst-address;
    *) fixed problem - could not update license for
    old style 7 digit software-id's;
    *) fixed winbox - IPv6 route could not be added;
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