《René Laloux 短片两部》(2 animated shorts by Rene Laloux)[DVDRip]

《René Laloux 短片两部》(2 animated shorts by Rene Laloux)[DVDRip]
  • 片  名  《René Laloux 短片两部》(2 animated shorts by Rene Laloux)[DVDRip]
  • 简  介  发行时间: 1988年语言: 法语
  • 类  别  动漫
  • 小  类  电视动画

  • 详细介绍简介:
    引用La prisonnière
    The Captive is a sketch-piece made by René Laloux and Philippe Caza in preparation for the future more carefully produced work. It is based on comics by Caza and relates an enigmatic story of two children who come to a city of silence and discover that a mysterious female prisoner is kept in the tallest tower.

    引用How Wang-Fo was saved
    Wang-Fo [is] a supreme master of painting in medieval China. Reality is portrayed in his paintings even more beautifully than it actually is, in fact once one has seen the work of Wang-Fo, one scorns reality. In one part he paints the narrator s wife, who then falls out of love with her and in love with her portrayal in the paintings. One s glee is aroused when one realises the reflexivity involved. You are yourself witnessing animation that is so good that you are in danger of falling out with reality yourself (especially as regards the unreal landscapes in the film, highly influenced by Oriental art).
    Without wishing to give away the plot too much I will say that Wang-Fo s skill incurs the Emperor s displeasure. His work is portrayed as being tantamount to sacrilegious because of its tendency to diminish reality. The Emperor orders Wang-Fo s mutilation, and it is how he is saved (the title points to this being the key to the riddle) that really makes the movie transcendent.
    何内‧拉路(Rene Laloux),法国动画大师,1929年出生在巴黎,在艺术学校学习绘画。毕业后从事广告,他从实习生就开始做试验动画,2004年3月14日逝世。他是1973年得到坎城影展金棕榈奖的巨擘级大师,有过当精神病院看护的经历,作品充满了 艾美丽异想式 ,他善于表现超现实的奇幻故事。他以长篇科幻动画《La Planete Sauvage》(奇幻星球),风格独树一格,画风类似素描插画,全片的皆以CUT-OUT 剪纸动画风格来呈现,角色的动作风格与传统的Character Animation 角色动画成对比,内容有别于美国迪士尼儿童动画。他的重要作品有:动画短片《死亡之时》,《蜗牛惊魂记》,《奇幻星球》,《时间掌握》,《甘达星人》,《王福先生获救记》。
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