Alcoholic Faith Mission -《421 Wythe Avenue》[MP3]

Alcoholic Faith Mission -《421 Wythe Avenue》[MP3]
  • 片  名  Alcoholic Faith Mission -《421 Wythe Avenue》[MP3]
  • 简  介  音乐风格: 流行发行时间: 2009年4月3日地区: 希腊语言: 英语
  • 类  别  音乐
  • 小  类  欧美音乐

  • 详细介绍专辑英文名: 421 Wythe Avenue歌手: Alcoholic Faith Mission音乐风格: 流行资源格式: MP3发行时间: 2009年4月3日地区: 希腊语言: 英语简介: 压缩码率:320kbps(CBR)
    专辑风格:Indie Pop,Dream Pop,Post-Rock
    Alcoholic Faith Mission来自丹麦的5人乐队,很有思想的一个乐队。很轻松的旋律,带着舒缓轻声的演唱,因为主唱是女主唱,所以显得特别甜美。男声也有时会出现!感觉很棒!(简介摘自:
    The Alcoholic Faith Mission started in Brooklyn, New York ’06. The apprentices of dejection Thorben Seierø Jensen and Sune Sølund were wandering around in the raw wintery-streets, shooting the breeze, brushing on alcoholism and close family members wet deroute.
    Suddenly before them was a big neon cross. This was a holy congregation called Apostolic Faith Mission – and this was just like booze is to the alcoholic, they thought. A true mission to withstand an empty existence; an Alcoholic Faith Mission.
    Three months later the duo’s underplayed and dogmatic debut Misery Loves Company was ready. Dogma’s for the album, which was recorded in a small bedroom in Copenhagen, was that recordings had to take place a night, lit by only candles and always under the influence of alcohol.
    The critics said sweet things about the album. José Gonzales and Iron and Wine-ry they said. Shortly after, the duo turned into a collective for all their friends to join. Especially Laurids Smedegaard turned out to be one the two guys most important assets.
    Two years later they went back to Brooklyn to seclude themselves in an old factory loft at 421 Wythe Avenue. They tried on a selection of straightjackets for the inspiration. Everything used to make the music, had to be found within the loft’s four walls. For an example, dictionaries beat each other to become an electronically muted bass drum. This way of working turned into their second album; named after the street where they lived on – 421 Wythe Avenue.
    The pending album has with the latter Brooklyn-stay inspired the duo to reach out for a more electronically distorted sound.
    In October ’08 they presented the new sound at the Danish thrust “Copenhagen Calling” during the German PopKomm festival in Berlin. The presentation pulled the collective toward the independent label PonyRec, who resides over the forthcoming release in April ’09 and an European tour May and fall '09.
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