《GPS导航软件 - iGuidance》(iNav iGuidance 2.1.3)[ISO]

《GPS导航软件 - iGuidance》(iNav iGuidance 2.1.3)[ISO]
  • 片  名  《GPS导航软件 - iGuidance》(iNav iGuidance 2.1.3)[ISO]
  • 简  介  发行时间: 2006年制作发行: Intelligence Navigation Corp.
  • 类  别  软件
  • 小  类  应用软件

  • 详细介绍中文名: GPS导航软件 - iGuidance英文名: iNav iGuidance 2.1.3别名: iGuidance v3.0资源格式: 光盘镜像发行时间: 2006年制作发行: Intelligence Navigation Corp.地区: 美国简介:
    已经过运行测试,测试平台: Windows XP SP2 英文版
    * New Multiple stopover/waypoints
    * New Itinerary planning (user-defined trip order)
    * New Detour by distance or avoid road
    * New Shortcuts to Home (user-defined) POI subcategories (program default)
    * New Trip status box displaying ETA, distance, remaining time, and speed simultaneously
    * New Trip computer displaying start/end time, total distance traveled, average top speed
    * Enhanced memory management for longer distance routing *see note below
    * Improved bluetooth connectivity
    * 4 pre-defined map color themes
    * Single click POI navigation from onscreen icon (name/phone displayed if available)
    * Real time weather report (internet access required via LAN, BT, mobile phone, Wi-Fi, etc)
    * Turn-by-turn visual instructions with voice prompts
    * Search by city or street first, intersection, city center, POI, LAT/LON (PPC only), Outlook contacts (PPC U.S. addresses only), favorites, and recent
    * Over 1.4 million POI destinations with subcategories (listed by alphabetical order, distance, or city)
    * Maneuver guidance screen
    * Route list display
    * Quickest, shortest, local, major, ferry, toll, and carpool route options
    * Automatic day/night map color switching
    * Record and play route/track
    * Customizable hotkeys for quick command (for PDA)
    * Default (non-customizable) hot keys for quick command (for laptop)
    * Automatic dynamic rerouting for wrong turns
    * Special safety features (speed and fog alert)
    * Easy to use keypad for name entry
    *User needs to load maps for all states passing through. Total route distance capability will be limited to SD/CF card memory capacity.
    * New Updated Navteq map now including Alaska Nunavut province
    * Easily select map region by state, region, or by city/radius
    * Detailed map display w/ street names in 2D 3D view
    * Zoom in and out
    Visual Display
    * New New GUI w/ enlarged menu buttons font size
    * New UMPC/Car PC version bundled
    * New Bordered roads
    * New Railroads major roads marking
    * New Enhanced 3D display
    * New 240x240 square screen support
    * VGA landscape view support
    * Full screen mode for laptop
    * Geo-features differentiating lands, body of water, airport, etc
    * Full screen mode for pocket pc and laptop
    * Large finger accessible buttons
    * Intuitive menu options
    * Distance indication bar
    * Automatic color modes for day and night display
    * Bright colors for visual enhancement
    * Turn-by-turn voice prompts
    * Side of street fwy # notification
    * Automatic voice alerts before each turn/exit
    * Repeat voice direction feature
    * Multiple distance notification for each maneuver
    US State Map Coverage
    Alabama 45mb
    Alaska 23mb
    Arizona 41mb
    Arkansas 37mb
    California 144mb
    Colorado 44mb
    Connecticut 16mb
    Delaware 7mb
    District of Columbia 3mb
    Florida 98mb
    Georgia 64mb
    Hawaii 6mb
    Idaho 28mb
    Illinois 64mb
    Indiana 43mb
    Iowa 32mb
    Kansas 33mb
    Kentucky 41mb
    Louisiana 37mb
    Maine 18mb
    Maryland 27mb
    Massachusetts 29mb
    Michigan 60mb
    Minnesota 45mb
    Mississippi 32mb
    Missouri 54mb
    Montana 31mb
    Nebraska 24mb
    Nevada 25mb
    New Hampshire 12mb
    New Jersey 36mb
    New Mexico 37mb
    New York 72mb
    North Carolina 66mb
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