《Keil uVision2开发环境》(Keil uVision2 IDE)7.07a

《Keil uVision2开发环境》(Keil uVision2 IDE)7.07a
  • 片  名  《Keil uVision2开发环境》(Keil uVision2 IDE)7.07a
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  • 详细介绍中文名: Keil uVision2开发环境英文名: Keil uVision2 IDE版本: 7.07a简介:
    The micro;Vision2 IDE from Keil Software, combines project management, make facilities, source code editing, program debugging, and complete simulation in one powerful environment. micro;Vision2 helps you get programs working faster than ever while providing an easy-to-use development platform. The editor and debugger are integrated into a single application and provide a seamless embedded project development environment.
    The Keil C51 C Compiler for the 8051 microcontroller is the most popular 8051 C compiler in the world. It provides more features than any other 8051 C compiler available today.
    The C51 Compiler allows you to write 8051 microcontroller applications in C that, once compiled, have the efficiency and speed of assembly language. Language extensions in the C51 Compiler give you full access to all resources of the 8051.
    The C51 Compiler translates C source files into relocatable object modules which contain full symbolic information for debugging with the micro;Vision Debugger or an in-circuit emulator. In addition to the object file, the compiler generates a listing file which may optionally include symbol table and cross reference information.
    KEILC51标准C编译器为8051微控制器的软件开发提供了C语言环境,同时保留了汇编代码高效,快速的特点。C51编译器的功能不断增强, 使你可以更加贴近CPU本身,及其它的衍生产品。C51已被完全集成到uVision2的集成开发环境中,这个集成开发环境包含:编译器,汇编器,实时操作系统,项目管理器,调试器。uVision2 IDE可为它们提供单一而灵活的开发环境。
    C51 V7版本是目前最高效、灵活的8051开发平台。它可以支持所有8051的衍生产品,也可以支持所有兼容的仿真器,同时支持其它第三方开发工具。因此,C51 V7版本无疑是8051开发用户的最佳选择。
    C Compiler: C51.Exe V7.07
    Assembler: A51.Exe V.7.08a
    Linker/locator: BL51.Exe V5.03
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